Saturday, April 24, 2010

i made it!

so my first solo road trip went down without a hitch. my road trip mix was great, i listened to this fun audiobook . . .

. . . and ate these delicious snacks.

i split up the trip into two days so that i wouldn't get too tired and it was perfect.

the first few days in provo were beautiful. pretty sure it was at least 80 and when i drove with the windows down to supertarget [best. store. ever.] i got a few more freckles. best trip already right there.

then i decided that since i was in the land of beauty schools and everyone worth seeing was finishing finals i should spend a few hours at paul mitchell and dye my hair. this time i did a dark purpleish black color that i love and looks really cool in the sun. and it was only $30. why don't i live in utah again?

in between packing up everything my sister owns, including the worlds' largest sweatshirt collection, i got to see some of my favorite people.

me and mckenna l. after lunch at guru's.

me and mckenna c. thanks for the photoshoot, chris!
[one can never have too many friends named mckenna]

on my way home, i stopped in boise and got to hang out with this guy . . .

. . . and baked the ugliest cake i will ever admit to making. but we learned an important lesson on patience with bundt cakes. good thing rainbow chip frosting was there to save the day.

now i'm drowning in laundry and trying to catch up on tv [project runway finale!] and my too-big stack of books from the library. good to be back home.


Meg Fee said...

oh man, i think that cake looks AWESOME!

Amanda said...

Glad to know there's a fellow Project Runway fan out there - I discovered it last season and cleared my schedule every Thursday night to watch the new episode this time around! Emilio was totally bugged that they chose Seth Aaron - did you see him on the interview show afterward?

McKenna said...

That sounds like a glorious trip. Maybe I loved it because I got to see you though... not sure, just a thought.

Lindsay said...

I do not have that many sweatshirts!!!!!